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The ScoreSuit Pro™

  • Limited to the first 100 orders.
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  • ​Backed by our Money Back Guarantee
  • ​Available in Youth or Adult sizes.

    Typically $119.99

    Get Yours Today For $89.99 (25% OFF)

    See what other wrestlers have said about the ScoreSuit Pro™

    Don't trust us, hear from expert wrestlers who've trialed the ScoreSuit Pro.

    I LOVE the ScoreSuit Pro!

    As a parent of a wrestler, I love the Scoresuit Pro because it not only improves my child's technique, but also makes practice much more efficient and effective.

    Instant feedback, Brilliant.

    The ScoreSuit Pro gives my athletes instant feedback on their techinque, allowing htem to make corrections on the spot and continue improving.
    I love it! thank you.

    Best thing for coaching.

    As a coach, I highly recommend the ScoreSuit Pro to any wrestling program looking to take their athletes to the next level. It's simply the best training tool available on the market.

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